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Mintcraft JL82110 Tack/Pushpin/Clip Set Mintcraft JL821033L Bolt/Nut Set Mintcraft JL82102 Sheet Metal Screw Set
Mintcraft Tack/Pushpin/Clip Set, 75 Pieces, Includes: (10) Push Pins, (50) Thumb Tacks, (15) Paper Clips Mintcraft Bolt/Nut Set, 100 Pieces, Includes: (22) NO 6 X 3/4 in, (10) NO 8 X 1/2 in, (5) NO 8 X 5/8 in, (7) NO 10 X 1/2 in, (3) NO 10 X 1-1/4 in, (3) 1/4 X 1/2 in Bolt, (22) M3, (15) M4, (10) M5, (3) M6 Nuts Mintcraft Sheet Metal Screw Set, 95 Pieces, Includes: (30) NO 4 X 1/2 in, (25) NO 6 X 1/2 in, (15) NO 6 X 3/4 in, (10) NO 8 X 3/4 in, (10) NO 8 X 1 in, (5) NO 10 X 1 in
Diamondback JL82101 Wood Screw Set Mintcraft JL821083L Screw/Anchor Set Hillman 59205 Assorted Nail Kit
Diamondback Wood Screw Set, 95 Pieces, Includes: (40) NO 4 X 1/2 in, (28) NO 6 X 1/2 in, (20) NO 5 X 5/8 in, (5) NO 8 X 1 in, (2) NO 10 X 1-1/4 in, Suitable For Use With: Sheet Metal, Wood or Lag Screw, For Light Duty in Solid Material Includes (13) 8 x 1" and (17) 6 x 1"sheet metal screws and (13) E6 and (17) E5 anchors. Hillman Nail Kit, Assorted, 119 Pieces
Camo 345099 Driver Bit Midwest 23590 Assorted Nail Kit National Hardware N278-069 Nail Brad Kit
Our Price: $6.70
Camo Driver Bit, NO 15 Point, Torx Point, 3 in Overall Length, Use Installing Non-Grooved Deck Board Products Midwest Nail Kit, Assorted National Hardware Nail Brad Kit, Suitable For Use With: Variety of Small Indoor Projects, Steel, Assorted, For Outdoor Applications
National Hardware V7709 Nail Screw Kit Midwest 11212 Cotter Pin Assortment Midwest 14991 Assorted Hook and Eye Kit
Our Price: $6.70
National Hardware Nail Screw Kit, Series: V7709, Steel Housing Midwest Cotter Pin Assortment, 8-1/2 in Length X 1-1/4 in Width X 5-7/64 in Height, 120 Pieces, Used to Retain Clevis Pins, Sprockets, Wheel Axels, Pulleys and Flywheels, Tollar Chain Links and Castle Nuts Midwest Hook and Eye Kit, Assorted, 92 Pieces, Includes: Assorted Sizes of Eye Hooks, Cup Hooks, Shoulder Hooks, Brass/Zinc Housing
Midwest 14993 Assorted Handyman Fastener Kit Midwest 14997 Assorted Nut and Washer Kit Midwest 14994 Assorted Household Fastener Kit
Midwest Handyman Fastener Kit, Assorted, 336 Pieces, Includes: Assorted Kinds and Sizes of Screws, Bolts, Washers, Nuts Midwest Nut and Washer Kit, Assorted, 235 Pieces Midwest Household Fastener Kit, Assorted, 662 Pieces, Includes: Picture Hangers, Anchors, Push Pins, Cup Hooks, Brads, Screws
Midwest 14999 Assorted Anchor Kit Midwest 14998 Assorted Wood and Sheet Metal Screw Kit Midwest 14995 Assorted Nail/Tack/Brad Kit
Midwest Anchor Kit, Assorted, 77 Pieces Midwest Wood and Sheet Metal Screw Kit, Assorted, 221 Pieces Midwest Nail/Tack/Brad Kit, Assorted, 1345 Pieces, Includes: Multiple Sized Nails, Tacks, Brads
EDGE TOOL HIDDEN FSTNR MRKSMN Camo Marksman Pro 0345001 Deck Fastening System Camo Marksman Pro-NB 0345015 Deck Fastening System
National Nail Hidden Edge Tool Fastener, Series: Camo Marksman, Heavy Duty, Grade: Contractor, Gray, For Multiple Deck Applications CAMO Deck Fastener Tool, Series: Marksman Pro, 1 in or 2 x 5-1/4 in - 5-3/4 in Fits Board, 3/16 in Spacing, Grade: Contractor, For Multiple Deck Application Camo Marksman Deck Fastening System, Heavy Duty, Series: Pro-NB, 3-1/4 - 5 in Fits Board, 3/16 in Spacing, Grade: Contractor, For Narrow Deck Applications
DECK TOOL HIDDEN FASTNR PRO-X1 Protec-Kote SDK-C262W-525 Weather Resistant Deck Screw 2-5/8 in Kreg KJDECKSYS Deck Jig System
Marksman Pro is designed for multiple deck applications. For installation of treated lumber decks. The Pro-X1 is designed with a 1/16" spacer to allow the smallest of gaps between deck boards. Ideal for installation of wet treated deck boards that will shrink as they dry naturally. Protec-Kote Deck Screw, Weather Resistant, 2-5/8 in Length, Pan Head, 8 Coarse Thread, Self-Tapping Point, Steel, For ACQ Treated Lumber Kreg Deck Jig System, Includes: Deck Jig, Instructional DVD, 100 Protec-Kote Deck Screws , 6 in Deck Jig Drill Bit, 6 in KTX Square Driver Bit , (3) 5/16 in Spacer Rings , (3) 1/4 in Spacer Rings , (2) Stop Collars, (1) Allen Wrench, Durable Carrying Case