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Mintcraft 14083-3L Wallpaper Stripper Replacement Blades Mintcraft 38800 Wallpaper Smoothing Tools Hyde Tools 45807 Smoothing Tool
Fits SKU #965-0599 wallpaper stripper. Five blades included. Use to smooth wall covering, spread drywall compound or use as a trim guide and paint shield. Used to smooth wallcovering and other materials, to smooth and spread drywall compound, or as trim guide and paint shield. Sturdy construction with tapered working edge for flexibility. Non-marring rounded edges will not damage work.
American Safety Razor 66-0377 American Line Wallstripper Blades Zinsser SureGrip Seam and Repair Adhesive Allway Tools WSB Wallpaper Stripper Replacement Blades
High carbon steel blades. Fits all standard handles. Seals down loose seams, stubborn curling edges, tears and overlaps in just 10 seconds and features a non-drip formula that makes application neat and easy.  Sets faster and bonds stronger. Dries clear. Fits 4" wide wall strippers, glass and tile scrapers.
Red Star 30120 Seam Roller Hyde Tools 33255 Wallpaper Shaver Blades Red Devil House & Home Restore Wallpaper Seam Repair
Use to smooth wallcovering. Hardwood roller and plastic handle with hole to hang tool. Versatile blades also snap off to fit 3-1/4" shavers. For repairing torn or peeling wallpaper. Provides a final bond between surface and wallpaper. Prevents peeling in high-humidity areas. Odorless. Equipped with winder to enable evacuation of more caulk from squeeze tube.
Hyde 31550 Quick Change Razor Knife Scraper Zinsser SureGrip Starch Based Adhesive And Wall Size Zinsser 2988 Replacement Scraper Blade
Use to cut, slice, or trim wallcovering, paper, foil, etc. Metal frame holds single edge razor blade without tools. Hardwood handle with plated steel ferrule. One blade included. Non-staining powder adhesive for hanging delicate wallpapers, non-woven coverings and borders over painted or primed surfaces. Ideal for murals, grasscloth, string & fabric. Excellent for preparing wall surface prior to hanging - makes positioning easier, easy to mix, dries clear, non-staining. Covers up to 5-6 double rolls or 500 square feet. Designed to remove wall coverings, angled blade to prevent wall gouging. Easy to replace blade instructions included. Fits paper scrapper tool (SKU#693-0044). Contains 10 blades in a pack. Size per blade. 33" L x 3.05" W x 7" H.
Hyde 33150 Replacement Shaver Blade Hyde 33170 Replacement Shaver Blade DQB 11930 Wallpaper Smoother Brush
Replacement blades for No.33100 wallpaper shavers. Replaces blades of No.33120 Wall Wolf wallpaper shavers and other 4" wallpaper shavers. For wallpaper hanging. Hardwood, block handle with hang-hole. 2 rows of tampico-color polypropylene bristles, 2" trim.
Savogran Fast Wallpaper Remover Mintcraft 14082-3L Wallpaper Stripper Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper
A water-mix concentrate for soaking wallpaper for removal from plaster or wallboard walls. Apply with sponge, paint roller, brush or low-pressure spray; paper then peels off easily with a wide blade scraper or putty knife. When wall covering removal is completed, an after-wash of FAST solution removes traces of old paste from walls before redecorating. Remove wallpaper; scrape paint or stickers off glass. Enameled die-cast head holds replaceable blade at angle. Patented enzyme action dissolves paste, making removal fast, safe and easy. Removes residual paste. Reduces wall gouging and repair time. Minimizes tedious scraping. 22 ounces will do a 12' x 24' room.
Zinsser DIF Fast Acting Non-Toxic Wallpaper Stripper Zinsser SureGrip Border Adhesive Papertiger 02966 Single Head Scoring Tool
Use to strip most types of wallpaper: traditional paper wallpapers, vinyl coated papers, paper-backed vinyl wallpapers, solid vinyl wallpapers, foils, mylars, grasscloth, textiles and even painted wallpapers. Clings to vertical surfaces. Apply with sprayer or roller. Non-toxic. Mildly scented. One gallon will cover about 10' x 12' room with 8' ceiling (300 sq ft.) Coverage will vary with porosity of wallpaper and thickness of product application. Great for use with any type of border or wallpaper, any pre-pasted or non-pasted materials with any backing. Contains exclusive mold and mildew shield, premium quality, excellent adhesion, strips easily. Goes on pink to show coverage, dries clear. Separates and lifts waterproof wallcovering to allow removal solution to penetrate and loosen adhesive. Self-aligning, free-floating Tiger Claws cutting module provides quick perforating in easy circular movements across or up and down without damaging walls. Use on vinyls, foils, flocks, painted-over, or coated wallpaper.
Zinsser 02986 Paperscraper Wallpaper Scrapers Zinsser SureGrip Border Adhesive Maxxgrip Wallpaper Shear 11 in L Comfort Grip
Designed with the perfect scraping angle to remove wallpaper without wall damage. Also great for smoothing off walls and ceilings before painting or hanging wallpaper. Faster, easier and safer than razor-edge scrapers, replaceable blade has two cutting edges, ideal for scraping off residual adhesive and paint drips. Great for use with any type of border or wallpaper, any pre-pasted or non-pasted materials with any backing. Contains exclusive mold and mildew shield, premium quality, excellent adhesion, strips easily. Goes on pink to show coverage, dries clear. Stainless steel blades with plastic handles for a comfortable grip. Fits left or right hand. Use to cut wallcovering or paperhanging.
Zinsser SureGrip 122 Strippable Wallcovering Adhesive Allway Tools WPS Wallpaper Stripper Hyde Tools 33120 Wallpaper Shaver/Scraper
For use with standard light to heavyweight non-pasted and pre-pasted wallcovering. Strong wet tack and exceptional slip for easy positioning, excellent adhesion, non-staining, easy cleanup. Covers up to 4-5 double rolls or 280 square feet per gallon. Includes steel blade and snap-on blade guard. Locks and unlocks without a screwdriver. Aluminum head. Removes wallcovering, or scrapes paint and stickers from glass. No.33170 blade indexes in head for proper positioning and no slipping. Double locks for positive blade hold. Change blades without tools by pressing to release clamp. Fully reversible (left or right) angled head and long ergonomic handle for power and reach. Glass-filled nylon construction will not rust or corrode. Use 4" No.33170 or 33160 blades.
American Safety Razor 65-0001 Smartedge Wall Scrapers Hyde Tools 33100 Wallpaper Shaver/Scraper Zinsser DIF Wallpaper Stripper
Adjustable head for multiple attack angles is designed for either right or left handed users; allows for two handed use. Slip Resistant Bi Material handle with recessed thumb area for comfort and control. Blade storage in handle. Includes 5 Blades. Shaves off wallpaper, scrapes paint or stickers from glass. Die-cast head holds replaceable blade at angle. Tubular-metal handle/cushioned foam grip. Use 3-1/4" No. 33150 blades. Non-drip blue gel clings to surfaces. Advanced GEL/Enzyme formulation works quickly. Safe to use, non-toxic, water-based. Easy to apply by brush or roller. Clings to vertical surfaces. One gallon will cover a little over half of a 10' x 12' room with 8' ceiling (approximately 300 sq. ft. or 6 bolts of wallpaper. Coverage will vary with porosity of wallpaper and thickness of production application.
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